Sati (DKDM)


Sati was the previous female lead of Devon ke Dev...Mahadev. Sati is the human form of Goddess Adi Shakti,and is born to Prajyapati Daksh-a staunch Vishnu Devotee, who is against Shiva.Sati having being born for the sole purpose of marrying Shiva,is drawn towards him and marries him against her fathers wishes.Satis and Shivas married life meets an abrupt end when Sati unable to bear her fathers insults towards her husband Shiva,gives up her body and all her assosiations with Daksh.She is later reborn in the form of Parvati to marry Shiva again and this time till enernity.

She is portrayed by Mouni Roy.

Appearance Edit

Sati is very beautiful, with long black hair that is usually tied into a braid, and the fair golden complexion of auspicious turmeric. As a Princess, she is always richly dressed, and adorned with precious stones and metals, but especially pearls.

Personality Edit

Sati is innocent as well as a bit arrogant. She cares a lot about her parents and her family. She is deeply in love with Shiva. She even gives up her life,when her father, Daksh insults her husband,Shiva. Sati and Shiva are meant to be together.

Abilities and Skills Edit

Sati is famous for having all the good qualities of an ideal woman. She sings very well and also can play he veena nicely. She an exceptionally brilliant dancer and loves it very much.

Being Adi Shakti in a human form, when angered she manifests into her fierce form with 8 arms. Each holding a weapon.
Eight-Armed Goddess Shakti Ready To Destroy Creation

Sati as Adi Shakti

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