MR as Jalandar


Jallandhar was born out of the sweat of Shiva. Hence his life was dirty and unpure. As a baby, Jallandhar was found by the lord of the sea and given to a mermaid to be raised. Indra was scared that Jallandhar might try to over throw him and decided to kill Jallandhar as a child. As doing so, accidentally killed Jallandhar's mother. After Jallanhar's mothers death, he began a hatred towards all the gods. This intrigued Shukracharya, and became Jallandhar's mentor. Shukracharya used Jallandhars hatred towards the gods to gain an upper hand for the demons clan. Jallandhar became king of all the demons and married a princess who was a healer. Jallandhar over threw Indra and had his eye on brahmaloka. At the end Jallandhar was destroyed by Shiva in a battle. 

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