Khyati and Aditi impatiently await Sati's arrival pondering over the reason of her delay. Sati walks into the palace with the group of Raga and the Ragini's. Still spell bound with Shiva's presence, Sati fails to explain her late arrival. But, the Raga and the Ragini's talk about the magic created by Mahadev's song in the jungle and Sati getting attracted towards it. A furious Khyati erupts in anger accusing Sati for being callous towards her father's feelings and reputation. A hapless Sati bursts out accepting getting swayed away to the magical raga played by Lord Shiva. Rishi Kashyap, along with Maharishi Atri and Rishi Dadhichi set out on Kailash to invite Lord Shiva to the Mahayagya. Prasuti invites Madanike to add more colours to the Spring Festival.

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Next Episode: 24

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